Transport & Logistics: ‘Shipment notifier ensures more orders and fewer empty kilometres’

Shipment notifier, the new feature of the Uturn platform, ensures that every container carrier in Europe can match its planning as optimally as possible with the demands of their clients. One of the first users of the UTURN shipment notifier is Transport company Henk Dammes from Bleiswijk. “With all the rising transport costs, the Uturn shipment notifier is a godsend,” says Vincent Schouten, international container transport planner at Dammes.

In June, Uturn expanded the platform with the shipment notifier. This development is a logical step in the further development of the platform. Since its foundation in 2017, a lot of data has been collected on the platform, so that user journeys can be optimized and better coordinated. “Carriers can indicate exactly where and when they want to drive which type container. ” says Daan Meboer, CEO at Uturn. “They also receive assignments via the platform that fit exactly into their schedule.”

For carriers such as Transport Company Henk Dammes, this means a reduction in the number of unnecessarily empty kilometres. This makes a positive contribution to the sustainability of the logistics sector. “Not only do carriers benefit from the shipment notifier, but also shippers, they find capacity faster and more efficient transport,” says Meboer

Advantages of the shipment notifier

enk Dammes is a specialist in national and international transport of sea containers and drives 5,330,000 kilometres per year with 43 trucks. The Uturn shipment notifier is a godsend for the transport company from Bleiswijk, says Schouten. “The big advantage is that you can search very specifically and specifically for assignments that exactly match your interests and schedule. More than ever, sustainability is high on the agenda in the logistics sector, including within our company. Uturn’s shipment notifier helps us to contribute to this. We are winning more orders and we have been able to significantly reduce the number of empty kilometers.”

Filling gaps in transport planning

With the shipment notifier, carriers can indicate exactly in which area they want to receive notifications. They can decide for themselves whether they want to drive 5 or 30 kilometres to pick up a container, for example. “We are very active in the Ruhr area, with the shipment notifier we can indicate in which regions we want to receive orders,” says Schouten. “In this way, we fill gaps in the planning with, for example, interim assignments.”

With the shipment notifier, carriers no longer have to constantly monitor and refresh the platform for new transport orders. Schouten: “We automatically receive a notification when a shipment is published that meets our conditions. With the increasing transport costs, we have to try to make the best use of every kilometre and the shipment notifier helps us with that.”

Uturn throughout Europe

The Uturn platform is not only intended for Dutch carriers and shippers and does not only concern transport in the Netherlands. Shipments can be found throughout Europe on the platform. At the beginning of September, Uturn therefore opened a new physical office in Hamburg (Germany) in addition to the Rotterdam office. According to Meboer, Uturn is investing heavily in data as part of further future developments. “With the data, we can continue to build a sustainable world of container transport with lower costs and more efficient use of capacity in Europe.”

This article previously appeared on the Transport & Logistics website.

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