• UTURN for carriers

    UTURN for carriers

If trucks were transparent, then you would see that about one third of all cargo space on the road remains unused. Also, you will be familiar with them: the empty kilometres. They thin out your margin, but they are a necessary evil of transport. Or not?


Easily find extra cargo and avoid empty kilometres thanks to this smart matching platform. All actions, including finding extra orders, organisation during and around the execution as well as submitting the invoice will be taken off your hands where possible.

  • Free accespus and use during startup
  • Direct acces to additional cargo with clear prices
  • Guaranteed payment in 30 days
  • UTURN takes care of the rest


This is how it works

UTURN brings supply and demand together in a smart way. The platform knows the location of carriers and matches these with relevant orders published by shippers. Find shipments and accept them directly or quote your price. Your quotes are confidential and only visible to the shipper.

Once the order has been assigned, you gain insight in all the order details and you can use the mobile app (or portal) to execute the order. After you have submitted the proof of delivery there is nothing left to worry about: UTURN takes care of the administration and payment in 30 days, guaranteed!

And if you have any questions our support desk is available 24/7 to assist you.


Frequently asked questions

UTURN is the platform for containertransport. We have shippers with all different type of containers.

Yes, please! UTURN is perfect for small and independent contractors.  Register now to get insight in cargo and start increasing your margin.

Yes, absolutely! The UTURN platform is available for everyone with one or more trucks. On the platform you are able to accept or quote on orders and assign them to your drivers. Use the registration form to optimise your planning.

After registrering on the UTURN platform you can process your organsiation details and UTURN will run a background check. A pre-requisite for registration is that you are a registered transport company in the chamber of commerce with the required insurance.

You have direct insight in all the general information of all the shipments including equipment type, requirements, product, locations and price. Once you have been assigned you receive more detailed information so you can execute the order. Furthermore UTURN executes an order check which makes sure that only receive “clean” orders.

The UTURN platform and the UTURN app are free to use for the carrier during the startup phase. Once an order is accepted and executed, the shipper pays a small matching fee. 

You can find everything about additional (waiting) costs here.

UTURN applies a matching fee per transport matched through the platform. This means we work on a no cure-no pay model. The matching fee is applied to the shipper, we don’t apply any fees to our carriers.

By using this link you can find more information about this.