• UTURN has extra orders for you every day

    UTURN has extra orders for you every day

    Number 1 container platform in Europe

    • ✓ Network of 300+ European shippers
    • ✓ Free use of the platform
    • ✓ 32,000+ successful shipments

Looking for more transport?

UTURN has interesting shipments for you from more than 300 different shippers from Europe every day. Choose the shipments that suit you and optimize your planning.


  • Determine your price for every transport
  • Access to more transports from more shippers
  • Always get paid within 30 days
  • Expand your business and increase your revenue

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Registering and using UTURN is free and without obligation! The platform is accessible through a web portal and mobile app. The app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google play store.

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De Rijke Transport
Roy Evers

'Via UTURN you can get more work at your own price. Because there are many shipments from different shippers, there is always something that fits and you can ideally optimize your planning. reduce your empty kilometers and increase margins'.


Sander Vaane Transport
Sander Vaane

'I would recommend UTURN, because it allows you to work more efficiently and it offers you more options to complete your planning and have a better occupancy rate which results in less empty kilometers'.


Vale Logistics
Hilmi Kilic

'The great thing is that if you quote on an order or accept it for the target price, it will be arranged within a few minutes and you will always receive the agreed price within 30 days.'

For sure. UTURN can be used by all types of carriers, so certainly also by independent entrepreneurs. If you properly combine the shipments of UTURN with your own orders, you will achieve a more efficient planning which leads to more returns and a faster growth of your company.

Register and get direct insight into the shipments on UTURN.

Absolutely! The UTURN platform is accessible to anyone with one or more trucks. Register and get direct insight into the shipments on UTURN.

Every carrier must be registered as a transport company with the Chamber of Commerce and have the correct permits and insurances. Without the correct permits and insurances no access will be granted. In addition, there is always a personal conversation with each carrier to confirm the correct impression.

UTURN has its HQ in Rotterdam and has quickly conquered Europe from here. Most assignments now take place in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Often around the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Duisburg, Hamburg and Le Havre, among others.

You have direct insight into the general information which is necessary to place a quote, such as: transport type, transport requirements, product, locations, time windows and price. Once the order has been assigned to you, you will gain insight into the order details required to execute the order, such as references.

All types of box containers (dry, high cube, open top, flat rack, reefer) and tank containers can be found on UTURN. Also shipments that require special requirements or certificates such as a ‘gen-set’ or ADR certificate are online daily.

You can find everything about extra (waiting) costs here.

UTURN uses a fixed matching fee per container. This is charged to the shipper and we do this on a no cure, no pay basis.

You will find more information about this here.