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After approval of the documents, you get a personalised demo.


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We take care of the rest and you are always paid within 30 days.

Frequently asked questions

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What do I get by subscribing?

By subscribing you keep your access to all the market developments and other perks of UTURN:

  • Access to > 1,000 shippers in Western Europe

  • Everything arranged for you: from administration to sales and marketing

  • Guaranteed payments: always within 30 days

  • And more features and integrations on the UTURN-platform.

You can choose a monthly or annual subscription. When choosing an annual subscription, you get 2 months free!

We will facilitate direct debit and credit card transactions through our payment provider, Stripe. When choosing debit card a one-off payment of €0,01 or €0,02 will be debited from your bank account to verify the payment method. The amount depends on your payment method. 

Your acces to the portal will be withdrawn. You will maintain access to complete your ongoing shipments and receive payment. You will also still have the ability to look into your shipment history. However, you will no longer have the ability to view or engage with shipments on the marketplace.


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