Solutions that make your life easier

Work faster and more efficient with these powerful solutions on the platform.

Portbase check

Check the status of your container and start a Portbase request directly.

SCR release automation

Forward the Secure Container Release (SCR) directly to the carrier once the shipment is assigned.

My Carrier

Work with your preferred carriers and have the marketplace as a back-up.

Price Calculator

Get a quick and real-time market price for shunts, import and export containers.

Shipment Notifier

The fastest way to find your perfect ride. Get notified when a new shipment matches your conditions.

Driver management

Keep track of the overall planning, assign shipments to your drivers and keep track of their status on the road.

Issue reporting

Save costs and administrative hassle by reporting issues in time and at locations.

Geofencing mobile app

Share the exact location and status of your shipment in the app, with automatic updates based on your location.

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