SCR release automation

Forward the Secure Container Release (SCR) directly to the carrier once the shipment is assigned.

Integrating UTURN as a mediator improves time efficiency by enabling shippers and carriers to consolidate their communications, making UTURN the single point of contact. This simplifies interactions and eliminates the need to manage multiple connections.


Achieve more with UTURN

  • One-stop solution: UTURN’s integration with Secure Container Release offers a single contact point for multiple logistics solutions.
  • Fully connected: We maintain connections with all relevant parties to streamline your release.
  • Time-efficient: Optimized processes ensure quick and effective operation without hassles.

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How to use it

As shipper

  1. Add UTURN as contact in SCR

  2. Forward the release towards UTURN


As carrier

  1. Add UTURN as contact in SCR

  2. Match a shipment on UTURN

  3. Collect the PIN in SCR

Frequently Asked Questions

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For whom (and when) is this relevant?

Both shippers and carriers operating in Antwerp with MSC (and potential new ports for SCR).

Contact us: +31 10 310 6300 or visit the helpdesk.