Carrier Screening Procedure

Before gaining access to the platform carriers undergo an extensive step based screening process to assure that the platform provides services by experienced professionals in (container) transport. On this page, we discuss how the screening is conducted.

1. Screening

Carrier screening is conducted to assess the quality of carriers and ensure that our platform contains only professionals. If any of the steps below do not meet our requirements, access to the platform will be denied.

1.1 Initial screening: complete, valid, and consistent information

    • User check
      • Accepted Terms & Conditions
      • Name, role at company, valid e-mail and phone number
    • Organisation check
      • Validity and consistency check of company’s name, address, Chamber of Commerce & VAT number
    • Validity check of IBAN number & matching BIC code
    • Transport licenses linked to the organisation

After the initial screening UTURN contacts prospective carriers to inquire about their organisation’s activities and capabilities.

1.2 Organisational screening: transport profile

    • User verification based on ID’s
      • Organisation must provide an ID of user and/or registered transport manager on the transport license
      • Video verification for user to check ID validity
    • Organisation active in container transport + valid documentation
      • Transport license must be on name of the organisation
      • Truck insurance + cargo liability insurance for organisation
      • IBAN verification by providing bank statement as proof
    • Capabilities and capacity
      • Truck capacity, area of activity & additional licenses
      • Organisation must have own trucks + chassis
      • Optional: reference check with past customers

 If an organisation passes the capabilities screening successfully UTURN will call them or invite them over for a demonstration of the platform.

1.3 Personal contact: introduction and demo

    • Explain rules and expectations and check for first shipment
    • Discuss operational procedures and access to support team UTURN

Positive conclusion after step 1-3 → Access to the platform is granted

Negative result in 1 or more steps → Access to platform is denied

1.4 Carrier subscription

The carrier is now required to subscribe if they want to have access to all features of the UTURN platform and execute shipments.

2. Monitoring

The platform usage of accepted carriers will be monitored continuously in various ways in order to uphold the quality that UTURN expects. To accommodate this UTURN provides a 24/7 support service available for both carriers and shippers.

2.1 Operational support

    • UTURN contacts carriers after 1st match

    • UTURN is available by phone 24/7
      • Also on WhatsApp and email
    • Monitored communication between parties
      • Messages between parties, issue reports & change requests

2.2 Carrier quality

    • Quality rating of carriers is star based
      • Carriers receive reviews based on their performance on the platform displayed by stars (1 to 5) and number of reviews
    • Carrier violation list for quality monitoring
      • All violations of contract of carriage, terms & conditions and code of conduct are registered, multiple and/or serious violations will result in temporary or permanent ban
      • Carriers on the violation list are invited to a personal meeting to discuss violations and explain the rules and expectations. After which a closely monitored re-activation can occur

2.3 Audits

    • Proof of Delivery (CMR / drop interchange) check by our AI-automated Proof of Delivery document check after completing shipments
    • Re-screening of carriers that have been inactive for over 1 month
      • Validity check of contact & organisation information
      • Validity checks of documentation
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is required to register?

All organizations will be checked for providing complete and accurate company information. Additionally, carriers will be inspected for the mandatory requirements for conducting transportation.

Required documents:
Transport Licence
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Cargo Liability Insurance
Bank statement
ID Card User
ID Card Transport Manager

When the transport is executed, the carrier must upload a clearly readable digital proof of delivery within 48 hours. depending on the type of transport:

  • For loading/unloading: fully filled in and signed CMR
  • For transhipments: interchange for the drop terminal

By subscribing you keep your access to all the market developments and other perks of UTURN:

  • Access to > 1,000 shippers in Western Europe

  • Everything arranged for you: from administration to sales and marketing

  • Guaranteed payments: always within 30 days and are clearly visible.

  • And more features and integrations on the UTURN-platform.

Contact us: +31 10 310 6300 or visit the helpdesk.

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