About us

Uturn: for logistics, by logistics.

How can we make the world of container transport more efficient through technology and data? How do we give clients worldwide easier access to capacity and a qualitative flexible layer of carriers? With these questions as a starting point, we started UTURN in 2017.

We come from logistics and have applied our knowledge and experience to have a tool for every shipper and carrier in the world with which they can organize container transport from order to cash in a smarter, more efficient and at lower cost. More than 500 shippers in Western Europe use us on a daily basis; as a permanent partner in which they place all their container transports with us or by requesting capacity themselves on our platform.

Daan Meboer


Our Team.

Daan Meboer
Robbin van Die
Operations Executive
Patrick Bonemeijer
Sales & Marketing Manager
Pratik Mehta
DevOps Developer
Justus Leijdens
Intern Data
Niels Duijvestijn
Ruben Schaafsma
Operations Executive
Paul Hugenholtz
Sales Executive
Jerry Tromp
Frontend Developer
Jasper Erftemeijer
Product launcher
Niels Oosten
Product owner
Giorgan van Lamoen
Operations executive
Fatih Eroglu
Sales Executive
Asal Khoshnavataher
DevOps Developer
Louis Westhoff
Intern Operations
Daan Coppens
Project Executive
Alberto Giudici
Operations Research Analyst
Ricardo Ditvoorst
Ilya Popyuk
Growth Hacker

Advisory Board

Ubbo Hempenius
Transport EU
Vincent van de Poll
Growth Hacking
Timo Huges
Corporate Industry
Pieter Den Hartogh
Transport Global
Albert Röell
Financial Equity Industry
Jan Fransoo
Jan Fransoo
Professor Logistics

Customers we are proud of.