Behind the scenes: what happens when you publish a shipment?

When you publish a shipment on the UTURN platform, a well-orchestrated dance of algorithms takes place behind the scenes. Our algorithms are designed to streamline the process, connect you with the best carriers, and ultimately, make the world of logistics more efficient. We’ll dive into the two key algorithms, the Best Next Shipment and the Matching Algorithm, that power this process.

UTURN’s workhorse

The Matching Algorithm is the workhorse in UTURN’s toolkit. It carefully examines the specifics of each shipment and searches for carriers that are an ideal fit. It considers shipper preferences, such as the target price, and carrier attributes like their typical routes and capabilities (e.g., gen-set or side-loader). The algorithm does this because it is a machine learning algorithm that is learning from carrier’s platform-behavior in the past. The Matching Algorithm facilitates relevant quotes, improving the experience for both planners and carriers.

Reducing empty travels

Imagine a carrier already en route, executing a shipment on UTURN. We know where their journey will conclude. Leveraging this valuable information, the Best Next Shipment algorithm springs into action. It suggests shipments with pick-up locations in proximity to the carrier’s endpoint. This ingenious approach eliminates unnecessary empty travels, making transport more efficient and reducing costs for you as a shipper. In example: if a carrier is destined for Maasvlakte II, the algorithm recommends shipments starting in that vicinity or nearby. This intelligent matchmaking not only benefits carriers but also optimizes the logistics ecosystem.

Your perfect colleagues

What’s fascinating is that these two algorithms work in harmony, complementing each other seamlessly. They are like colleagues, each covering the other’s blind spots. A third overseeing algorithm ensures their cooperation, ensuring that the best aspects of both approaches are utilized to create ideal matches for shippers and carriers alike.

In summary, UTURN’s behind-the-scenes algorithms are designed to make logistics smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more cost-effective. These algorithms are the unsung heroes that power the platform, connecting shippers with carriers, and making the movement of goods more seamless than ever.

Our algorithms are just the beginning. Reach out to us to discover how our technology can transform your logistics, making them smarter and more efficient.

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