Uturn B.V. Privacy Policy
Uturn B.V: (“Uturn”) brings together supply and demand of carriers and shippers on the online and mobile platform Uturn and provides additional services with regard to transport and the invoicing of transport (jointly “the Service”). In the context of the Service, Uturn compiles (personal) data of carriers and shippers registering (as natural persons or legal entities) for the Service and for the persons who use the Service on behalf of the carriers and shippers (jointly “the Users”). In this statement, Uturn states which personal data are compiled and for which purposes.

By registering for the Service and by using the Service, Users agree to the Privacy Policy. If the User accepts the Privacy Policy on behalf of a company, the User guarantees to be authorised to that end and to be authorised to provide Uturn with the data mentioned below.

The User ensures that the User’s information provided to Uturn is correct and complete and continues to be so for the duration of the registration for the Service and use of the Service.
The Privacy Policy has to be read with the General Terms and Conditions of Uturn and the Agreement concluded with Uturn.

Which information is compiled?
Uturn receives or compiles data in the exploitation and provision of the Service, for instance when the User registers for the Service, installs, visits or uses the Service.

Information provided by the User to Uturn:

  • Account data: The User provides Uturn contact details and company data, such as the company name and company address data, Chamber of Commerce number, the name(s) of the contact(s), telephone numbers, fax number, email accounts, bank details.
  • The data of lorry drivers of the carriers, such as names and telephone>
  • Customer support: The User can provide Uturn with information for customer support purposes.
  • Messages the User enters by way of the Service, for instance in the context of the feedback system.

In addition Uturn compiles certain information automatically.

  • Information on use: Uturn compiles diagnostic and performance data in connection with the Service, such as data on how the Service is used, log files and diagnostic, website, and performance data.
  • Transaction data: Uturn compiles transaction data regarding payments for and by way of the Service.
  • Equipment and connection details: Uturn compiles equipment-specific information regarding the installation of the Service and the use of the Service. This includes information, such as the hardware model, operating system information, browser data, the IP address, mobile network information, including the telephone number. When the app is being installed, the location details of the equipment are compiled.
  • Cookies. Uturn uses cookies (data files on the disk of a computer or Smartphone) for the exploitation and provision of the Service; to recognise the User when using the Service, including the settings and preferences provided by the User in order to understand how the Service is used and can be improved. If the User blocks cookies, the Service will perhaps not function completely or correctly.
  • Status information. Uturn compiles information on changes in the User’s status, for example, when the User has used the Service.

For which purposes are the personal data used?
The User agrees to the compilation and processing of the personal data for the following purposes:

  • The identification of the User for registration and use of the Service,
  • The provision of the Service and support of the User when using the Service,
  • Data analysis and statistics for evaluating and improving the Service,
  • Providing the User with tailored services on the basis of the use of the Service by the User and the wishes stated by the User to Uturn for the use of the Service,
  • Collecting fees and paying fees as agreed with the User,
  • Sending the User business messages (via email, texting, by telephone or push notification),
  • Sending the User information (e.g. with a mailing) about Uturn, the Service, adaptations of the Service, new services, offers and suchlike information,
  • Providing other (new) services at the User’s request,
  • Safety and security: Uturn can verify accounts and activities, such as by investigating suspicious activities or violations of the general terms and conditions, in order to ensure that the Service is used lawfully.

Information shared by Uturn with third parties
Uturn can (a) compile and provide personal information of Users to service providers and suppliers of Uturn, which enable Uturn to further develop and improve the Service, and (b) store personal information of Users in cloud services outside the Netherlands.
Uturn can compile, use, store and share the personal data of Users, when Uturn is of the opinion in good faith that this is necessary in reasonableness to: (a) respond to legal proceedings or to government demands on the basis of applicable legislation and regulations; (b) to maintain the General Terms and Conditions and other applicable conditions and policy rules, including the investigation of possible violations; (c) to detect, investigate, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activities, security or technical problems; and (d) to protect the rights, property, and safety of other users.

Protection of personal data
Uturn protects the provided and compiled personal data with technical and administrative security measures (such as firewalls, access control for data and servers) in order to minimise the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorised access, publication and changes.

Information storage
The period of the storage of relevant information has an end term. This end term is defined by the period of use by the User of the Uturn Platform and Services. At the moment the User ends the use of the Platform and the Services, the term of storage is defined by the time frame that regulation and legal obligations make storage necessary. The User has the right to request its stored information and withdraw the previous authorisation for use and storage of the relevant information as he sees fit. He can do so by contacting Uturn with such a request.

All rights and obligations of Uturn on the basis of the Privacy Policy can be transferred to associated companies or successive legal entities in connection with a take-over, purchase, restructuring, or the sale of assets, or as a result of legal effect or otherwise.

Uturn can change the Privacy Policy. Uturn will inform the Users of changes in the Privacy Policy with an announcement via the Service. If Users continue to use the Service after such an announcement, it is a confirmation that the Users agree to the changed Privacy Policy. If a User does not agree with the changed Privacy Policy, the User has to end the use of the Services.

Users can contact Uturn at for questions about the Privacy Policy.