Portbase check

Get a quick overview of the Portbase status of a container from a carriers perspective. And automatically start the pre-announce/status request process when creating a shipment via UTURN (also possible in concept status).


Achieve more with UTURN

  • Creates an overview and gives insight, which a shipper didn’t have before
  • Automatic pre-announce/status request in Portbase
  • Saves time; One-stop-shop
  • Actionable KPI’s in an early stage. Which prevents possible extra costs later on.

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Get started

This is how it works

  1. When creating a shipment, fill in all information that’s required for that terminal. Required fields for a Portbase request can differ per terminal, action-type (pick-up/drop) and if container is full or empty.

  2. Automatically a portbase request is initiated.

  3. The Portbase feedback is shown in the ‘shipments details’ per location.

  4. If all icons are green, you are good to go!

  5. If one of the checks fails and turns red, the shipper automatically gets notified with an e-mail notification.

  6. You can now take the required actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it check?
  • Container availability on terminal
  • Customs document
  • Booking approved
  • Commercial release
  • Blocked or not

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