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Work with your preferred carriers and have the marketplace as a back-up.


Achieve more with UTURN

  • From spot to fixed/contract basis
  • Facilitate easy collaboration with trusted carriers
  • Pool of relevant carriers for your shipments
  • Work with your preferred carriers, but have the marketplace as back-up

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This is how it works

  1. Invite a carrier on the ‘My carriers’ tab in the menu.
  2. Carrier has to accept the invite. When accepted;
  3. Publish a shipment and in the ‘Publish information’ section there now is a ‘My carriers’ input field available, where you can select one or multiple preferred carriers for this shipment. 
  4. When published; the carrier now receives an e-mail that there is a preferred shipment is published exclusively for them and can also find it in the available shipment list view with the special icon next to it or use the contract filter.

  5. The carrier can either accept or decline the shipment.
  6. When all the preferred carriers decline the shipment, it will go onto the marketplace.
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