Container Trends 2022

Container Trends 2022

The first edition of Container Trends 2022, organized by Belgium’s logistics trade magazine Flows, will be held in Antwerp on 17 November. UTURN is an event partner of Container Trends and, together with Flows, will show that the search for additional capacity for container transport does not have to be as complex as it seems at first sight. Throughout the event, knowledge sharing and dialogue will be paramount.

Sector upside down

The container sector has been undergoing turbulence since the start of 2021. Global lockdowns disrupted supply chains, creating major logistical challenges. After a little short-term regulation, the Ukraine conflict again created new challenges around cargo flows. Stefan Verberckmoes made a thorough analysis of the effects and what consequences they have (had) on the Antwerp container landscape. During Container Trends, he will, without mincing his words, highlight the causes of the problems at hand. The conference will not only look at the past. Together with the sector, including shipping companies, terminals, inland navigation and container carriers, we will look at how the sector is looking toward 2023. What will be the challenges and how can we as a sector be as prepared as possible for these?

Additional container capacity in Antwerp

During Container Trends, Filip Boelaert will give an update on the ECA Project; Extra Container Capacity Antwerp. This project is co-financed by the European Union and is to accommodate the expected growth in container traffic.

Solution for container capacity

With the growth of container traffic in the port of Antwerp comes several challenges. These include finding the right carriers for containers by road. Despite cooperating with regular carriers, shippers regularly end up with containers that are impossible or very difficult to move. UTURN ensures that shippers always have the right container capacity. The platform brings together supply and demand for container transport.

Register Container Trends 2022 with UTURN discount code

Participation in Container Trends 2022 costs €265* for Flows subscribers, non-subscribers pay €365** and receive a free 3-month trial subscription to Flows. As UTURN is an event partner, we are allowed to offer our relations a discount code. Enter the discount code “UTURN25” when registering and receive a 25% discount on the conference ticket.

* Excluding VAT
** If the subscription is not canceled in time before the expiry date of the 3 months, the subscription will be converted to a corporate subscription

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