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Tom van den Plas

Tom van der Plas
Operational Key Account Manager OKAM – Kuehne + Nagel


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Kuehne & Nagel is a big name in the transport industry! What kind of activities do you do from the Antwerp office?

Every transportation by sea freight; both import and export, mainly in containers.

You have been working with UTURN for some time and in recent months you have been ramping up the volumes on the platform. How did that happen?

Uturn is above all a real timesaver because you come into contact with many transporters in a very simple and accessible way. And all without having to contact them one by one to check if they have the capacity for your transport and the additional transport requirements.

You have said that you see UTURN as a transport desk, can you explain that?

Secure. As mentioned, other departments within Kuehne + Nagel Antwerp have also found their way to UTURN and are surprised about the progress of an assignment. Provided enough time, you can put your orders on the platform almost blindly and be sure that a transporter can carry them out, and if the price is not feasible, you will immediately receive a notification. Container and seal numbers are neatly filled in after removal, so all information is in one place.

You can almost blindly put your orders on the platform and be sure that a transporter can carry them out

We live in a challenging time. Just think of the rising fuel costs, corona and a shortage of wheels. Are these also reasons for you to increase the volumes or do you have other starting points?

It is mainly the lack of wheels we have to deal with that makes UTURN so attractive. You have easy access to a lot of capacity. We have ten regular carriers that we work with, but if they are full, you lose time calling around and looking for other options. With this platform it is different.

For certain assignments, UTURN is already looking for suitable carriers for you in advance. Does it help to know in advance who you will be working with?

Especially in case there are specific transport requirements, such as loading in a forest, this can only be an advantage. The service you are providing us is top-notch.

What are specific factors that made you work more with UTURN?

Capacity, visibility, flexibility and correctness in invoicing. It’s great that everything is in one place and that we can decide for ourselves who we work with.

Would you advise UTURN within Kuehne + Nagel worldwide?

I have already done so. A question came from our German colleagues who also wanted to work with this, but they still had to find out how this could be incorporated according to our internal policies and rules.