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Streamlining Logistics with UTURN: A Game-Changer for Baosen Suntop.

Baosen Suntop offers a wide range of logistics services, including air, sea, road and rail transport, alongside warehousing and customs clearance in Europe and Asia. Phoebe, the Operations Manager at Baosen Suntop, spearheads efforts to manage their extensive container movements. The engagement with UTURN has revolutionized their logistical operations with innovative solutions that enhance both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


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01. Unreliable carriers

Handling 30-40% of their business through container shipments, Baosen Suntop was constantly on the lookout for dependable and cost-effective freight management solutions. Before partnering with UTURN, they encountered numerous challenges due to unreliable carriers and non-transparent pricing, which led to significant logistical inefficiencies.

02. How Phoebe found UTURN

The introduction to UTURN came through a colleague, who found UTURN through Google. Phoebe recounts the discovery, “I was introduced to UTURN by my colleague, who came across it on Google searching for a platform with carriers. It was described as a platform where you could quickly publish a logistics request and receive multiple competitive quotes, which seemed exactly what we needed.”

03. The benefits UTURN bring

The UTURN-platform had a major impact on Baosen Suntop, offering several benefits that perfectly suited their logistics needs:

Cost-Effectiveness: UTURN’s competitive quoting process allowed them to secure lower prices consistently. Phoebe notes, “Using UTURN has consistently allowed us to secure prices that are below our initial estimates, resulting in substantial cost savings for us.”

Visibility and Tracking: The platform provides all-round visibility from the container’s pickup to delivery. Phoebe appreciates this feature, stating, “The visibility and tracking capabilities are outstanding. It allows us to monitor every step of the container’s journey, which is very valuable for us.”

Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface and tools like the price calculator have streamlined the quoting process. Phoebe adds, “The price calculator in particular is a tool that has greatly helped simplify and speed up our operations.”

Trustworthy: Despite initial bugs, the responsive customer support and continuous platform improvements have created a positive user experience. “Any issues we encountered were quickly resolved by the customer service team, improving our overall experience with the platform.”

04. Overcoming challenges and looking ahead

“Adapting to UTURN’s platform initially required some fine-tuning in terms of planning and shipment coordination. However, these challenges were quickly addressed, allowing us to take full advantage of UTURN’s capabilities.”

“UTURN has played a major role in streamlining our logistics. It is not just another platform, but a central part of our logistics strategy for the future.”

Phoebe – Manager operations at Baosen Suntop

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