Client case

COSCO & Hilmit: the best match

UTURN is the connector for seamless and optimised container transportation. Every day on our platform, shippers and carriers meet under the most favourable conditions. What benefits does that bring? We asked one of our successful matches: Kristian Meyer-Morgenstern (COSCO Shipping Lines Germany) and Chilmi Chilmi Oglou (Hilmit GmbH).

"We grew to 6 trucks within 2,5 years!"

Hilmit GmbH, founded in 2021, offers national and international container transport. It is one of the transport companies that grows rapidly thanks to UTURN. Chilmi Chilmi Oglou (Hilmit GmbH):
“Thanks to UTURN and all 33 customers who give us orders every day, we grew to 6 trucks within 2,5 years!” 

“Through UTURN, I find customers I wouldn’t normally be able to reach. COSCO SHIPPING is an example of a customer for whom we fulfil orders and add good value. Through UTURN, you always have a direct line to the customer and you can set the price yourself.”

COSCO Shipping Lines is a worldwide shipping company with local offices and agencies in 160 countries. Kristian Meyer-Morgenstern (COSCO Shipping Lines Germany):
Without UTURN, we would never have found Hilmit. Thanks to UTURN, he was able to grow his business from 1 to 6 trucks. That was beneficial for both of us. He really improved his business. That’s the advantage of the platform: it takes the administrative work out of their hands.”

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