Customer Case

MP Logistik: "UTURN lets us answer transport enquiries very quick"

MP Logistik GmbH is a traditional freight forwarder operating close to the Dutch border to serve customers in both the western and northern ports of Europe. The company was one of the first to extensively use the UTURN Price Calculator. We have asked Aron Hosenberg (Seafreight Operations at MP Logistik GmbH) to share his thoughts on the Price Calculator. 

Quick and with a good market price

Aron: “We have been using the Price Calculator very intensively from the beginning. It enables us to answer our customers’ transport enquiries very quick. We now prepare quotations without having to search for contractors for the requested transport, write or call them and wait for answers. With the Price Calculator it is all just a click away.”

“Furthermore, in our experience, it reflects the market price for transports very well and is therefore excellently suited for calculation. That is why we have also decided to continue with the paid version.” 

Always a suitable carrier

When asked about his experience together with the UTURN platform Aron answers: “In combination with the UTURN platform we always -with very few exceptions- find a suitable company that can carry out the transport at the calculated rate. The entire UTURN platform is a big step forward, especially for transports that are not in our everyday driving area. Where we used to have our “regular contractors” (with whom we of course still work) we have now used over 100 contractors since we started using UTURN and the Price Calculator.”

No more searching for carriers

Aron gives us an example: “We are located in Rheine, near the Dutch border. When the customer calls and wants a container transport in southern Germany or in another European country it’s no problem: enter the price in the Price Calculator, create an offer and then, after the customer has agreed to the transport, post it on UTURN. In no time you have won an order for which you previously had to go through the tedious process of searching for contractors.”