UTURN and HelloContainer collaborate on a more efficient and sustainable industry

HelloContainer, an innovative scale-up located in Goes, makes sea freight container booking much easier, cheaper and more sustainable. UTURN, a scale-up located in Rotterdam, focusses on the container transport by road, originating from ports in Europe. Both scale-ups were founded in 2017 and have made some serious progress since then. An efficient and more sustainable future are top priority for both companies. Therefore, collaboration will enable the scale-ups to have an even bigger impact. CEO’s Kees and Daan tell us why.

CEO Kees Koopman about HelloContainer

“The Dutch maritime industry causes more CO2 emissions than all cars in our country together. On average, one container ship emits the same amount of CO2 as 28.000 cars. The online platform of HelloContainer provides customers an instant price, booking before/after transport, export declarations in 2 minutes and last but not least the carbon footprint for each ship. By this unique approach clients are able to determine their own CO2 emission. Our platform will turn the sea freight container industry upside-down. The attractive formula, which includes transparency, efficiency and convenience, makes our platform unique. Users are guaranteed of more job satisfaction, a bigger contribution to a sustainable planet and a lower overall cost-price per container.”

CEO Daan Meboer about UTURN

“UTURN anticipates on a rapid digitalization of the logistics industry, by which we can organize the existing approaches much smarter, faster, more transparent and more cost-efficient. Our Transport Management Platform focusses on the optimization of collaborations between shippers and carriers. This includes both new and existing collaborations. By making internal processes in the transport chain more efficient, both shippers and carriers will have cost savings. The platform can be used at your own discretion to find the right balance between contracted carriers and spot capacity. Our integrated solution will enable shippers to find a qualified carrier within a few minutes, handles the financial transactions afterwards and provides a quick overview of all job information, such as ETA, POD’s and invoices. With this efficient way of working, a win-win-win situation is created; more transparency, lower costs and a positive contribution to the world around us.“

The collaboration explained

UTURN and HelloContainer have a common goal and both believe in the power of digitalization and transparency. Even though they seem competitors to some, Kees and Daan see this differently. By connecting both services to each other, making it widely available to carriers, the impact on both human and environment will be even bigger. From now on, it is possible using HelloContainer to book the sea freight transport and the transport by road for your container via UTURN at once. Less drama, less costs and a more sustainable future.

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