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On September 1, UTURN opened a new office in Germany. In recent months, the platform for container transport saw an increase in the number of German orders which has accelerated the planned opening of the office in Hamburg. By winning the Scaleup Landing Pad, an initiative of the German government, UTURN is ready to introduce and expand in the German market.

Started in 2017, UTURN is an online container platform that organizes supply and demand for container transport capacity in and around major ports of Europe. The physical expansion into Germany is the result of the current growth in and around the ports of Bremen, Hamburg and Duisburg. ”The current market conditions present a considerable challenge in the German logistic market in the search of capacity among shippers, which benefits the number of users and matches on UTURN,” says Niels Duijvestijn, CCO at UTURN.

Expansion to Germany needed

UTURN has an international network of thousands of shippers and container carriers who can work together through the online platform. In addition to bringing supply and demand together, the platform also takes care of the entire administrative and financial settlements of container transports.”We noticed that this full-service approach is crucial for German shippers in their decision to start using UTURN,” explains Duijvestijn.

We noticed that this full-service approach is crucial for German shippers in their decision to start using UTURN

In Germany we see many platforms that only bring shippers and carriers together. The UTURN platform not only brings shippers and carriers together but also takes everything out of their hands so they don’t have to arrange things themselves again. The revenue model of UTURN is transparent: the shipper pays a fixed price for each completed transport order. For carriers, the platform is totally free of charge

Confidence from the German Government: winning the Landing Pad

The further expansion in Germany has not gone unnoticed, not even by the German government. Recently, the logistics platform won “The Scaleup Landing Pad.” This initiative of the German government helps young international scale-ups that offer innovative solutions in mobility and logistics with their roll-out in Germany and the rest of Europe. “We are very proud to have won this award and call it a well-deserved flying start. This is another confirmation of our achievements so far and the plans we have for the future,” declares Duijvestijn proudly.

German Office

To ensure a smooth and successful launch of UTURN in Germany, Paul Hugenholtz has been appointed as German Country Manager. Paul has been working as a UTURN sales executive for two years and is familiar with Hamburg where he previously lived and worked. “I look forward to putting UTURN further on the map in Germany and getting more shippers and carriers enthusiastic about UTURN,” says Paul Hugenholtz.


UTURN is the platform for container transport, active in the largest European ports. The combination of technology and a network of thousands of carriers and shippers ensures that these parties can work together faster, more efficiently, more sustainably and at lower costs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

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