New platform development!

To keep up wtih changing requirements, updating technology and capabilities, and business, UTURN continuously develops the platform. This means developing new integrations with partners and customer. Creating intuitive and fast screens. And automating as much of the processes as possible to make your life easier. This blog post will  explain a few examples of our current platform development.

New screen design

The ease of use is increased by developing new screens for the platform. In the past few months manage shipments and manage orders have been released. First, the manage shipment screen provides a clear overview of the available shipments and details of these shipments. Secondly, the manage orders screen facilitates a quick and easy way of processing order details. Before the end of the year all of the screens will be upgraded to the new design.

Easy, fun, and fast, providing you with the right information at the right time, that is how a transport matching platform should work!

Direct payment functionality

Payment conditions and transparancy of transport price are often neglected aspects in the transport sector. However we think that these are crucial for a valuable and durable partnership for both the carrier and the shipper. Therefore prices are visible before accepting an order and payment lines are automatically created after finishing the transport. With the new direct payment process, it is no longer neccesary to approve a selfbill making the process even simpler and faster. Finish the shipment and the exectued transport with associated price will automatically be paid within 30 days. Finally, a clear overview of payments is available under the payments tab.

No more doubts when and how much you will get paid, register now!

Order export functionality

We received feedback that it would be useful for some company processes that it would be possible to extract a print-out from the order details. Our development team took this up and will provide this functionality in our next release. We matched the expectations of our users within a month Furthermore we  went beyond the expectations and developed an export functionality as well. Hence you can now select and export orders to a csv file.

Start using the platform now and integrate it seemlessly into your current way of working!

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