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Shipment Notifier prevents unnecessary Co2 emissions

PRESS RELEASE. This week, UTURN, the platform for container transport, launched the shipment notifier. This development ensures that every container carrier in Europe can optimally match its planning with the demands of clients.“I no longer have to scroll through the platform but automatically receive shipments that fit into my schedule.” said Vincent Schouten of Henk Dammes Transport in Bleiswijk.

The release of the notifier was a logical step in the further development of the UTURN platform. “Since 2017, we have been able to collect data to determine where carriers are driving and the type of cargo they carry. With more than 700 clients, we know where and when they are looking for capacity. This allows us to optimize and coordinate shipments much better,” says Daan Meboer, CEO UTURN.

CO2 reduction through planning optimization

With the notifier, carriers can indicate where and when they want to drive container shipments. Based on this, they receive shipment orders that fit into their planning. As a result, carriers drive fewer empty kilometers and directly reduce their CO2 emissions. This means that they earn more while at the same time making a positive contribution to the sustainability of the sector, one of the principles of UTURN. UTURN’s clients, who consist of logistics service providers such as deep and shortsea shipping companies, terminals and freight forwarders, also benefit greatly from the shipment notifier. They find capacity faster, and more efficient transport means lower costs and fewer emissions for them. As Tom van den Plas of Kuehne & Nagel emphasizes, “The sustainability theme of UTURN corresponds perfectly with our policy for the coming years.”

Capacity within one minute

More than 100 carriers have already used the notifier and received notifications for shipments that their schedule. The results were stunning with a matching rate of 99.2% and an average matching speed of 43 seconds. Vincent Schouten of Henk Dammes Transport explains: “I no longer have to scroll through the hundreds of assignments that are offered on the platform every day, because I can now indicate per day which shipments best fit my schedule. The next step is that UTURN can automatically add them to my schedule.” Daan Meboer: “UTURN is investing heavily in data as part of further future developments. “We will use the data to further build a sustainable world of container transport with lower costs and more efficient use of capacity throughout Europe.” About UTURN

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