Mission & Relief: “Find transport capacity really fast and help make the sector more sustainable with UTURN”

Do you always want to have insight into the available transport capacity and help your company and the sector to become more sustainable? Quintus Opschoor, Transport Coordinator at Mission & Relief, tells you more about how they achieve this by using UTURN.

About Quintus and Mission & Relief

Quintus already has 19 years of experience in the transport sector. After his education at the ‘Haven en Vervoerschool Jan Backx’, he worked for various organizations in the industry. With his experience as an account manager and planner, he has been working at Mission & Relief since 2012, where he currently holds the position of Transport Coordinator.Mission & Relief is a versatile forwarding agent with expertise in various modalities. They distinguish themselves from other organizations because of their humane motives. Both national and international aid organizations are supported by Mission & Relief in organizing transports for humanitarian aid. These entities can go to them for road transport, air transport or sea transport. As a freight forwarder specializing in worldwide transport of relief goods, they aim to relieve their clients. Mission & Relief contributes to helping the less fortunate among us across all continents.


Quintus says that there is a lot of aging in the sector, which shows a decline in the number of volunteers, who often play an important role in collecting the goods and loading the containers. At the same time, subsidies are being dropped, forcing organizations to raise funds and save costs in new ways. This aging of the population also means that digitization was not initially embraced by the sector, but many now see the added value that platforms such as UTURN are creating. Quintus says the following about sustainability: “The sustainability of the sector, but also of society, will certainly be a challenge for everyone and everyone should therefore take it very seriously. We also contribute to this by, for example, doing more digitally, which is also efficient. ”

Sustainability and always having access to transport capacity
UTURN is visible everywhere and this is also evident from the first contact with Mission & Relief: “We saw that attention was paid to UTURN in Nieuwsblad Transport. After our registration, we noticed that UTURN actually reduces your costs. As everyone knows, that is important for every organization. In addition, in this way we ensure that carriers can reduce their empty kilometers, so we can contribute to a better environment. UTURN can play an important role in making the sector more sustainable. When Quintus is asked to name the biggest advantage of the platform, he states the following: “When you place an order, you very quickly have offers from different carriers. This is very efficient, so you always have access to the transport capacity of many companies, by use of only one platform. ”

Influence of Corona
Nowadays, Corona is a very influencing factor, says Quintus: “It is difficult to have goods transported from A to B, because in many countries there is a lockdown situation. Organizations and their employees can no longer do what they normally did. Think of governments that have to issue permits or factories and suppliers that are closed.Not only we will experience difficulties from it, but many with us, which means that after this time people really want to catch up and demand for transport capacity in the sector will increase significantly. UTURN will be able to play an important role in this. ”

Mission & Relief recommends UTURN
Given the opportunities in terms of efficiency and sustainability, Quintus definitely recommends the platform: “I recommend UTURN, because we have been able to increase our efficiency and it is very time-saving. It is a very effective way to find transport capacity quickly. ”

Do you want to experience these benefits for yourself or are you curious about what else the platform can do for you?

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