UTURN and T-Mining make secure container releases accessible to all carriers

UTURN – a platform for matching transport orders – and T-Mining – the company behind the Secure Container Release (SCR) solution – today announced a connection between both solutions. This way, customers and carriers who use the UTURN matching platform can pass on the associated digital pick-up rights for containers safely and automatically. By linking the respective solutions, both companies take an important step in the security import chain in both the Belgian and Dutch seaports. 

At the beginning of 2020, T-Mining started the rollout of its Secure Container Release solution in the Port of Antwerp. Through this solution, shipping companies release import containers to their customers in a secure and digital way. The solution is part of the fight against fraud with PIN codes. Today, more than 1,200 companies in more than 20 countries use SCR in the ports of both Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

Because their important role in the safe chain, more and more large and small carriers are also joining. To make SCR even more accessible to carriers, T-Mining teamed up with market specialist UTURN. From now on, companies that use the UTURN platform can automatically pass on the necessary digital pick-up rights for collecting the container to the carrier. UTURN will make this process as easy and convenient as possible for the carrier and arranges all technical aspects, so that the carrier can use the pick-up rights in a safe and simple way.

The link with UTURN fits completely into T-Mining’s strategy. Nico Wauters, CEO of T-Mining explains: “From the start, we opted for a phased rollout, which allows everyone to adapt to the new, safer way of working. The link with UTURN makes our solution more accessible, all within one trusted application. After all, the carriers are an important link in securing the entire chain. This way, a convenient solution is offered, both in Antwerp and in Rotterdam.”

The choice to provide a link between their platform and Secure Container Release was also obvious for UTURN. CEO Daan Meboer explains: “UTURN and T-Mining strive for the same goal, an efficient and safe way of working together, both coming from their own expertise. By linking SCR and UTURN, we make it possible for shippers and carriers to exchange all necessary data quickly and safely with just one click. This way, we really help the sector to move forward.”

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