• UTURN for shippers

    UTURN for shippers

If trucks were transparent, then you would see on that about one third of all cargo space the road remains unused. This increases transportation cost and poses an unnecessary burden on the infrastructure and the environment. UTURN enables you as shipper to gain access to this available capacity.


Receive quotes from exclusively relevant and qualified shippers. Let your procurement process be supported by the smart data from the UTURN platform. As many actions as possible are facilitated by the UTURN platform.

  • Broaden your carrier base
  • Make the right match
  • Track your shipment
  • UTURN takes care of the rest


UTURN brings supply and demand together in a smart way. The moment that you post your shipment on the UTURN platform, we will notify the relevant carriers.You will receive relevant offers in additional to a quality rating of the carrier. Next, you can manually or automatically select the most suitable carrier.UTURN takes care of the rest of the contract.

Curious? We would love to give a demo!


That will not happen: UTURN guarantees that your shipment will be delivered.

UTURN start initially with transporting containers and will then be rolled out in other market segments.

UTURN will start the Rotterdam area. Later we will expand to other logistical hubs.

All carriers that use UTURN will be screened thoroughly before they gain access to the platform.

UTURN has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly fits in your existing systems.

UTURN applies a matching fee per transport matched through the platform. This means we work on a no cure-no pay model. The matching fee is applied to the shipper, we don’t apply any fees to our carriers.