• The best price for your containertransport in Europe

    The best price for your containertransport in Europe

    Number 1 containerplatform in Europe

    • ✓ Network of 1400+ qualified carriers
    • ✓ Guaranteed cost reduction
    • ✓ 32,000 successful shipments

Guaranteed the best price for your container transport

UTURN gives you access to more than 1400 qualified carriers who can execute your shipments in Europe.


  • Cost reduction on every lane
  • Publish a shipment within 1 minute
  • Receive quotes from suppliers within 15 minutes
  • Choose your favourite carrier and price
  • 32,000+ succesfull shipments in Europe

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Aad Vlasblom

'Using UTURN has reduced our costs. For us as a shipper it is very easy to search and find capacity, with one message you can approach more than 1,200 carriers.


Mark Jansen

'The platform was built by people who have experience in logistics and you notice that in everything. It is a simple and well-organized platform where supply and demand come together in a transparent and therefore familiar manner'.


Mission & Relief
Quintus Opschoor

'The platform provides you with the necessary transport capacity very quickly, which makes it very time-saving. We are also taking an extra step in the field of sustainability through UTURN'.


De Rijke Transport
Roy Evers

'Because there are many shipments from different shippers, there is always something that fits and you can ideally optimize your planning and reduce your empty kilometers. So you are very flexible with UTURN'.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone who wants to have a container transported can use UTURN. More than 200 European organisations (such as shipping companies, manufacturers and forwarders) are using our platform and experience the benefits of this every day. With UTURN you optimize your container transport, which leads to serious efficiency and cost reduction.

With a few clicks of a button, your container is online and you receive the first quotes within 15 minutes. Orders can be easily duplicated to easily place multiple orders in a row. We also have integrations with various logistics software packages and there is a bulk import option for larger volumes.

The container will, with the standard option, be visible for out qualified group of 1,400 carriers. These carriers can then quote on your shipment. You ultimately decide who can transport your container based on, among other things, the price and rating of the carrier.

Another option is to first offer your orders to a self-selected group of carriers. This could be, for example, your ‘home carriers’ that you want to give the first chance. From this ‘own group’ you can always switch to the group of 1300.

UTURN can provide a saving of 20% on your total container transport. Our platform has a lot of insights about the market and therefore offers you a lot of possibilities in terms of transport capacity, which always results in a cheaper solution.

The group of 1,300 carriers consists of a solid mix of  ‘self-employed drivers’ and small transport companies, up to medium and large transport companies with more than 100 vehicles spread across Europe.

UTURN carefully screens its carriers. Before a carrier gets access to the platform, his or her permits and insurance are always checked, without the correct permits and insurance no access is granted. In addition, there is always a personal conversation with the carrier to confirm the correct impression.

For sure. At any time you can decide to which carriers you want to assign your order. You can compose your own group of transporters and make your shipments only visible to this group, you can also assign certain shipments directly to one of them. If they do not respond within a certain time / have capacity available, you can easily switch to the group of 1,300 qualified carriers. This way you optimize your container transport to the maximum and you have one place where you organize it; UTURN!

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UTURN works with a group of +1300 carriers in their home country and abroad. This allows us to match 98% of all published shipments.

You can use the platform for all sizes and types of box containers (dry, high cube, open top, flat rack, reefer) and tank containers. UTURN is also suitable for shipments that require special requirements or certificates, such as a ‘gen-set’ or ADR certificate.

UTURN has its HQ in Rotterdam and has quickly conquered Europe from here. A lot of companies use our services in several countries at the same time, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

You pay a fixed fee per matched shipment, which means that it is on a no cure no pay basis.