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    Shipping Europe

    Number 1 containerplatform in Europe

    • ✓ Network of 1400+ qualified carriers
    • ✓ Guaranteed cost reduction
    • ✓ 28,000 successful shipments

Are you looking for shipping trough al of Europe? Then use the biggest platform of Europe! On the UTURN platform you will find more than 1400 carriers and 300 shippers for shipping in Europe. Make use of our system to not only expand and increase the volume of your business, but also to work in a more relieved, automated and efficient way.

If you’re looking to transport goods then placing an order for shipment will take you one minute. With our network of 1400+ carriers you can expect the first several quotes within 15 minutes. Before you know it your shipment will already be on it’s way to it’s destination.

Are you looking for shipments to transport? Then trust on our network of 300+ shippers consisting of shipping lines, forwarders and importers/exporters that publish thousands of shipments per month. Next to receiving shipment orders you can also place your room to reduce your empty kilometers. Imagine that you’re already going or coming from a destination in Europe. Just place your room on the platform and the shippers will send you options to fill your space.

I need a container transported


UTURN has the largest network of qualified carriers in Europe under a button.

Benefits for shippers

  • Get the best price on every transport
  • Publish a shipment within 1 minute
  • Receive quotes from suppliers within 15 minutes
  • Choose your favourite carrier and price

Check your rate!

I transport containers


UTURN has more than 200 different shippers publishing thousand of shipments every month.

Benefits for carriers

  • Determine your price for every transport
  • Access to more transports from more shippers
  • Always get paid within 30 days
  • Expand your business and increase your volume

Direct access to all the shipments!


Aad Vlasblom

'Using UTURN has reduced our costs. For us as a shipper it is very easy to search and find capacity, with one message you can approach more than 1,200 carriers.


Mark Jansen

'The platform was built by people who have experience in logistics and you notice that in everything. It is a simple and well-organized platform where supply and demand come together in a transparent and therefore familiar manner'


Mission & Relief
Quintus Opschoor

'The platform provides you with the necessary transport capacity very quickly, which makes it very time-saving. We are also taking an extra step in the field of sustainability through UTURN'.


De Rijke Transport
Roy Evers

'Because there are many shipments from different shippers, there is always something that fits and you can ideally optimize your planning and reduce your empty kilometers. So you are very flexible with UTURN'.

Shipping Europe – Destinations

Below you will find several of the destinations for shipping in Europe. Is your destination not among them? Don’t worry. Our network takes care of shipping trough al of Europe!

Algeciras Gdansk Marsaxlokk
Antwerp Genoa Piraeus
Barcelona Gioia Tauro Rotterdam
Bremerhaven Hamburg Sint-Petersburg
Felixstowe Le Havre Valencia







4.8 / 5


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