Every year billions of euros evaporate as a result of inefficiencies in the logistics sector. It is a necessary evil that belongs to the industry: it is impossible to plan 100% utilization at all time.

UTURN believes this can be done differently. If trucks were transparent, you would see that about one third of all cargo space on the road remains untapped. All that empty space costs the carrier money. The customer pays for this too. And ultimately society. Trucking in the Netherlands represents a significant share of total CO2 emissions. One third of the trucks stuck in traffic are in fact redundant.

What would happen if even a small portion of the inefficiencies in the logistics sector would be reduced?


Press can reach out to UTURN via we are happy to answer all your questions.

We would like to contribute to the dialogue regarding themes such as efficiency in the supply chain, environmental issues in the sector and the future prospects of this industry as well as entrepreneurship in relation with matching platforms.


UTURN is a 100% Dutch start-up, that is originated from the heart of the Dutch logistics sector. At the head of UTURN is former CEO of NS, Timo Huges.

UTURN’s mission is to match the transport need of companies in a smarter way to the available capacity of carriers, in order to ultimately increase the return of both parties and make a positive contribution to the world around us.

We are not alone in this mission: UTURN users are essential, and we would never be able to mature past the start-up phase without the support of numerous stakeholders from the logistics industry and beyond.

UTURN, moving goods like breathing air.