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UTURN: Simplifies collaboration with your carriers

Do you also want to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes?

  • Realtime ETA’s & location statuses
  • Fits perfectly in your own IT environment
  • Back-up with thousands of carriers
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Kari-Pekka Laaksonen

By using UTURN we optimize our internal processes and communication with carriers. In this way we are able to focus on the best service for our customers


Broekman Logistics
Rik Pek

With UTURN we can monitor all milestones of our container freight closely. Calling and e-mailing to get updates on the unloading process is not needed anymore.


Elnaz Rodriquez
Partner in Rail

UTURN offers the possibility to easily switch between our preferred carriers and the available capacity in the market. In this way we have a solution very fast every time

Frequently asked questions

In the platform you can publish an order that will become available to selected carriers only. Once arranged, enjoy the conveniences ranging from order input to payments

No, the job is only visible to the carrier(s) you select during the order input. These carriers may accept, quote or deny the job.

This takes not even 5 minutes. Send your carrier an invite and start immediately.

This takes not even 5 minutes. Send your carrier an invite and start immediately.

Yes, both are integrated in the Transport Management Platform, which includes a complete overview and standardized method for all transports

The UTURN API communicates with every system, which makes integration easy. Examples to work with are Modality, Ernisoft, Easytrip and Cargowise.

Yes, absolutely. By means of an excel upload your orders enter the platform very easily.

Yes, the status of an order is readily available. For each location arrival and destination times are visible realtime. Next to that, you can see whether your container has been released and whether any other issues have occurred.

No, this is not required. You can set alerts and notifications for important information on your order.

Yes, for each order an event-log is automatically created to be used as a reference. For example times of loading, incidents / demurrage on (un)loading addresses or even refusal of containers can be found in the event-log. In this way there will never be a discussion.

The POD is uploaded to the platform by the carrier. This is mandatory to complete an order. Once uploaded by the carrier, it will become available to the client.

Carriers are paid automatically within 30 days after completing the order. Clients will be provided a combined invoice for each week.



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