How to get shipments?

Shipments available anytime you like!

Access to hundreds of shippers in Europe?

  • Free registration
  • Automatic payment within 30 days
  • Determine your own price and routing, it’s your turn

Access to hundreds of clients in Europe?

Find new business in your region with UTURN!

Advantages as a carrier

  1. You have access to clients all over Europe anytime you like
  2. Determine your own price and routing, it’s your turn
  3. Automatic payment within 30 days
  4. 24/7 operational and technical support
  5. Optimize your planning and increase your revenue
  6. Not dependent on a limited amount of clients



De Rijke Transport
Roy Evers

Through UTURN you can acquire more work, at your own price. In the end you can determine your own price as a carrier.


Vale Logistics
Hilmi Kilic

The nice thing about UTURN is that you quote or accept a job offer in only a few minutes and the agreed price will always be paid within 30 days.


Sander Vaane Transport
Sander Vaane

A lot of possibilities to finish off your planing, which results in less empty kilometers. In this way I can drive for a lot more shippers!

New shipments accessible very easily

In the past 3 years tens of thousands shipments have been placed on our platform by our shippers. The platform grows rapidly which keeps giving greater opportunities for carriers in Europe. UTURN offers new shipments from hundreds of shippers in Europe every day. Fill in the open spots in your planning and increase your profit margin!


Frequently askes questions

Everyone who wants to transport a container can join UTURN, because we offer a solution to every type of container. UTURN serves hundreds of shipping lines, manufacturers and freight forwarders worldwide.

Yes, you can use UTURN as a carrier! Whether you have one or multiple trucks does not matter, the UTURN platform is available to every carrier. In the portal you can quote or accept job offers.Use the registration form to start optimizing your planning.

All sizes and types of box containers (dry, high cube, open top, flat rack, reefer) and tank containers can be found on the platform. UTURN is also suited for jobs that require special equipment or certificates, such as a gen-set or an ADR certificate.

UTURN is also available to small trucking companies and self-employed persons. We will save you a lot of time and effort, by doing the administrative tasks and invoicing. In this way, you’ll have more time to do your job.

One condition is that you should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and that you possess the right permits and insurances. After registration, you will be able to enter this information, which will be checked by UTURN. If everything is alright, you are good to go!

You will have immediate access to all relevant information to make an offer. Think about transport type, requirements, product, locations, time windows and price. Once the order is assigned to you, you will receive the order details needed to execute the order, such as references. Next to that UTURN will carry out an order check, to assure the quality of the offered bids.

Find more information on extra costs (i.e. demurrage, detention or late cancelation) here.

Find more about this question here.

The UTURN platform and the mobile app are completely free of charge to carriers. UTURN imposes a fixed matching fee for each container, charged to the client on a no cure, no pay basis.



UTURN simplifies container transport.
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