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UTURN is operating in all big ports in Europe

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Always back-up capacity when your preferred carriers can not make it

Find reliable carriers throughout Europe with UTURN.


  • Direct access to thousands of reviewed carriers
  • Quick & easy carrier comparison, make the best choice based on quality and price
  • 24/7 UTURN helpdesk and responsibility from order to payment
  • Order status always available through our UTURN app
  • Carriers are paid automatically and you get a combined invoice each week

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Aad Vlasblom

By making use of the UTURN carrier network, our efficiency has increased and costs have been reduced. We also use UTURN with our own carriers to find the right balance.


Mark Jansen

The platform is built by people who are experienced in logistics, which is noticeable in everything. The combined invoice is very convenient and saves a lot of time.


Mission & Relief
Quintus Opschoor

The carrier network UTURN provides saves a lot of time for me, because transport market capacity is transparent.

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The past 3 years tens of thousands of shipments have been successfully completed with UTURN.
Our platform provides back-up capacity when your preferred carrier(s) can not make it.

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Frequently asked questions

Your container transport order will be posted online only within a few clicks. Orders can be published very easily, including multiple orders at the same time.

Once the order will be placed online, it will be brought to the attention of our qualified carriers. They can place a bid and within 15 minutes you’ll receive quotes from different carriers. You can choose the carrier based on quality and price.

UTURN screens its carriers carefully. Permits and assurances are checked before the carrier gets access to our platform. Next to that, we will speak to every carrier personally to get an impression.

The carrier poule exists of a decent mix of independent carriers, small transport companies to large companies owning more than 100 trucks in Europe.

All sizes and types of box containers (dry, high cube, open top, flat rack, reefer) and tank containers can be found on the platform. UTURN is also suited for jobs that require special equipment or certificates, such as a gen-set or an ADR certificate.


The network of carriers is spread all over Europe. UTURN is represented in all big ports in West-Europe. Trips to Southern and Eastern Europe can also be found on UTURN.

Yes, the status of an order is readily available. For each location arrival and destination times are visible real-time . Next to that, you can see whether your container has been released and whether any other issues have occurred.

Yes, for each order an event-log is automatically created to be used as a reference. For example times of loading, incidents / demurrage on (un)loading addresses or even refusal of containers can be found in the event-log. In this way there will never be a discussion.

The POD is uploaded to the platform by the carrier. This is mandatory to complete an order. Once uploaded by the carrier, it will become available to the shipper.

Carriers are paid automatically within 30 days after completing the order. Shippers will be provided a combined invoice for each week.

UTURN costs €5 for each order of 2 stops and €15 for 3 stops and more. No cure no pay.