During transport

  • As soon as there is a possibility of additional costs arising, the shipper needs to be informed directly.
    Contact details concerning shipper can be found in the UTURN order under the shipper’s name.
  • In this case, we advise tou to use the ‘I am waiting‘ button.This button can be found on the webportal at every location in the order details.


Requesting extra costs after transport has been completed

  • Additional costs will be processed, if the shipper has been informed during the shipmen that additional costs have been made.
  • Additional costs can be submitted up to 24 hours after transport, in combination with a valid POD.
  • Additional costs will only be accepted, if the transport is executed within the hours stated in the shipment (with a tolerance of 15 minutes).
  • For an extra stop, the UTURN rate is: €40,-.
  • For additional costs, the UTURN rate is: €42,50 per hour.
    • (un)loading location: 2 hours free-time (with a tolerance of 15 minutes).
    • Terminal: 1 hour free-time (if costs arise whereby the responsibility leads back to the shipper).

For all parties we want to try to avoid unnecessary costs as much as possible. We believe that compliance with the above guidelines will contribute to this and hope that they will be respected.